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Wool Fabric

The sheep wool fabric with the 95% wool is regarded as pure wool fabric.

Wool Materials
Features of Wool Fabric
  • Naturally curly sheep wool has the capability to retain warm air.
  • All natural wool fabric is supple to touch, keeping you toasty.
  • It has a natural luster, keeping you nice.
  • Well-tailored wool with excellent elasticity and crease resistance can drape beautifully on the body.
Worsted Wool Fabric

Worsted-spun yarns made of long, straight fibers are smoother, lighter and more lustrous than woollen-spun yarns. Therefore, worsted wool fabric is relatively expansive.

Types of Worsted Wool Fabric
  • Flannel fabric
    It is soft fuzzy and breathable enough to make the pants and spring autumn blazers.
  • Gabardine fabric
    It has a smooth, compact surface with distinct texture, excellent elasticity and light color, creating an elegant look.
  • Serge fabric
    As a traditional worsted wool fabric, it is a thick texture with soft light, perfect resilience and high durability.
  • Fancy fabric
    It has a variety of patterns and styles, which involves three kinds of type: light-weight fancy fabric, medium-weight fancy fabric and heavy-weight fancy fabric.
  • Valentin fabric
    It is light on the body and entails bright colors with good breathability and crease resistance, which is ideal for summer clothes.
  • Doeskin fabric
    It is supple to touch and also possesses soft light and a tightly woven construction with distinct texture and good drape, which is ideal for various high-end and middle-end business suits.
SUPER 100’s, 120’s, 160’s, 200’s- The Numbers Explained

When you buy a suit or wool fabric, the chances are that you will see a SUPER Number advertised, and the higher the number, the more you are asked to pay.

Stretch Fabric

Spandex, or Lycra, is a man-made fiber known for its exceptional elasticity which allows the fiber to stretch up to 5-8 times of its length and then recover to its original shape. A variety of clothing with excellent resilience and recovery performance can be produced by combining natural fiber or man-made fiber with small amounts of spandex, such as sportswear, swimsuit, underwear, shirt and children's clothing.

Wool Materials
Features of Spandex
  • It can retain its stretch and recovery after strenuous activities, feeling soft and smooth.
  • It is resistant to wrinkling and can drape beautifully.
  • It is a type of stretchy fabric that can be designed into different styles of form-fitting clothing to suit various applications.
  • It can be integrated with any fabrics such as cotton knit fabric, double-faced wool fabric, silk fabric, nylon fabric, cotton fabric and so on.
Wool Fabric Applications

A variety of pure wool fabric or wool blend fabric made of wool can be used to make clothing and any other household textiles, such as flannel fabric, gabardine fabric, serge fabric, sharkskin fabric, fancy fabric, doeskin fabric, valentin fabric and so on.

  • Suiting
  • Coat
  • Blazer
  • Jackets
  • Sport Coat
  • Pants
  • Dresses
  • Skirts
Wool Fabric Manufacturing

The manufacturing system of worsted wool involves a complex process which can be divided into carding, gilling, combing, spinning, knitting, weaving, dyeing & bleaching, finishing, make-up and so on. Equipped with advanced textile machines and textile technology, we have a long history of creating high quality worsted wool fabrics.

  • Schlafhorst X6 automatic winding machine
  • TSB-36 yarn twisting machine
  • Taitan TDN120 two-for-one twister
  • FB502 ring spinning machine
Wool Clothing Care

The appropriate way to wash high-end wool clothing is dry cleaning.
Mild detergents can be used for hand-washing other wool clothing.
Do not wring the wool clothing.
To dry, lay it on a flat surface away from direct sunlight and heat.

Be sure your wool clothing is totally clean and dry before storing.
Hang it on an appropriate clothes hanger in a cool place with cedar wood blocks or moth balls to get rid of any moths.
Provide space between neighboring wool clothing and do not fold them.

    1. Suiting Fabric
    2. Suiting Fabric We offer a wide range of wool fabrics including lightweight gabardine fabric, thick tweed fancy fabric, etc., all of which are the right pick for your suits.
    1. Coat Fabric
    2. Coat Fabric Coat made with wool fabric is a perfect pick for formal events because of its elegant design and high quality.
    1. Blazer Fabric
    2. Blazer Fabric Soft, breathable and drapable fabrics such as pure wool gabardine fabric and pure wool fancy fabric are ideal for wearing blazer in fun and incredibly stylish ways.
    1. Jacket Fabric
    2. Jacket Fabric With the increasing trend of jackets, pure wool flannel fabric and pure wool fancy fabric are designed to give the ultimate in comfort and practicality of jackets.
    1. Sport Coat Fabric
    2. Sport Coat Fabric The lightweight and sweat-blocking fabrics with durability and breathability such as pure wool serge fabric and pure wool sharkskin fabric are ideal for sport coat.
    1. Pants Fabric
    2. Pants Fabric Some form-fitting fabrics that are supple to touch are a great option for clean cut pants, such as pure wool flannel fabric and pure wool fancy fabric.
    1. Dress Fabric
    2. Dress Fabric Wool blend valentin fabric and pure wool gabardine fabric are ideal for making the gorgeous summer dresses of women because of their unique color and texture.
    1. Skirt Fabric
    2. Skirt Fabric Pure wool gabardine fabric and pure wool fancy fabric are a perfect pick for making a variety of skirts.


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